Welcome to the latest edition of our Triad Business Spotlight, a regular series where we focus on local business success stories. Our last Spotlight focused on J. Parris Gray Realtors, a company that has benefited from an improved housing market.  This week we’ll take a closer look at Express Employment Services, a company that is also seeing an increase in business as the overall economy and job market continue to improve here in the Triad.

Express Employment Professionals: The Importance of Reliability and Customer Service

In our recent Local Matters blog we talked about a number of local companies that are growing and expanding.  This is a trend we all hope to see continue to increase with time.  Already seeing early evidence of a trend is Express Employment Professionals, a North State Business customer and Greensboro-based staffing franchise that is owned and operated by Larry Diana.

Last week we spoke with Larry about his company, its history and services, and local hiring trends.

Larry is a local franchise owner of Express Employment Professionals, a nation-wide company specializing in human resource solutions and services.  Established in 1983, it has a network of over 550 employment agencies and is dedicated to providing quality staffing and HR services to businesses of all sizes here and around the world.

To be successful, a franchisee needs to be able to adapt a business to the needs of the local market.  Since purchasing the franchise 12 years ago, Larry and his team have worked hard to build a service that delivers personalized attention to both job seekers and employers across the Triad.

Today, Express Employment helps a wide range of Triad businesses fill a variety of positions.  All types of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distribution companies, as examples, turn to Express Employment to find warehouse staff, IT, engineering, accounting, machine operators, sales, shipping/receiving, clerical, office personnel and managers – part time, full time and temporary.  The company adheres to the highest standards and is ISO certified, meaning that their practices must meet very strict criteria and audits.

Larry shared a bit with us on the state of employment in the Triad, and how his business is doing.

“We are seeing a steady upward trend in job growth,” he said. “Companies cut to the bone during the downturn, and now must add jobs to meet the demand as people and businesses start spending again.  Express had a great year last year, and it looks like this year will be good too.”

He also shared some of his strategy for building a successful employment company over a 12 year stretch that included some very challenging times.

One of those strategies has to do with the actual talent procurement process. “Finding the right employees can be a difficult task. Doing it right takes care and attention to detail, but it has to be seamless for our clients.  At Express, we’ve developed and simplified the process that helps clients meet a wide range of specific needs and hiring deadlines.  We also have to be responsive. Our staff of ten is constantly on the phone with employers and job candidates.”

“This is where our relationship with North State plays a role in our strategy,” Larry says.  “Our team needs to be available and ready when customers and applicants call.  So it’s critical for our service provider to have a great network and quickly address any issues that come up.  I am extremely pleased with North State, they are always there for us and their network has been extremely reliable.”

“You know, it may sound quaint, but it gets back to the Golden Rule,” he added.

“We treat every employer and applicant as we would like to be treated; we are there for them, and North State has been right beside us, every step of the way.”


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