It seems 2011 is the year for statistics on how rapidly our lives are becoming digital.  In June, Facebook announced it had reached 750 million users. In March, we learned LinkedIn was signing up members at a pace of more than 1 per second; in April we heard mobile shopping is expected to reach $9 billion in sales this year. More and more people are getting their entertainment from the Internet, from music to movies to online games. From healthcare to shopping to entertainment to communications – nearly every aspect of our world has been positively impacted by digital.  And the reason is simple – Digital = convenience.  Life is busy and our digital world helps us do more and enriches our lives.

We were curious…what are things like in the Triad? How digital are our lives here compared with other places? So, we’ve started a daily poll on our website about digital life in the Triad, and we’d love to have you participate.

Thus far, we’ve learned that 25% of poll participants have more than four TV’s in their homes and 38% send more than three texts in any given day.

You can take the poll right now at – and see results instantly.

We’ll collect the information and report back periodically in this blog on what digital life is like for folks like you in the Triad.

We invite you to vote daily and visit us often – and if you have suggestions for questions, feel free to send them to us via a comment here.

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Royster Tucker, III

President & Chief Operating Officer

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